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February 3, 2018  George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation held a event with New Orleans chapter of NATWA.

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Please visit FACEBOOK/George H. Kerr Momorial Foundation and make donation. The donor will get a wood scraping massager for gift.

Please visit or AmazonSmile Foundation and put George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation as your charity.

Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy

Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right (Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy)Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right (Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy) 

Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures

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Tingsha Cymbals Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Symbol Embossed Meditation Yoga Bell Chimes (Small, Om Mane Padme Hum(Mantra))

   This is Tingsha Mantra Chimes I use for my ebook "Life is Impermanent Let True Nature Takes its Course"

 The sounds of chimes will bring you calmness and you will go to sleep immediately. Try it, you will like it !!!

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska


Self-Help Acu-Hematite was listed in GOODREADS.COM and it is often recognized in the media. Here are summaries of our latest accomplishments.   From 5/2/15 to 02/09/19 had

   Good News !!!  Only one day on  08/18/16 reached 57,335 Views. On 3/17/17 it had 1,000,577 views !!!!  Over one million !!!                                                

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This book contains 304 pages and 28 chapters. It contains pain relief methods, diet methods and E-W walking is a 1,000 steps walking daily and massaging your acupoint while walking. Massage Acupoint ST36 (Three Mile Foot, Zusanli) will solve constipation problem. 

A best book for your entire life


Goldleaf Care Association

Welcome to Goldleaf Care Association

5 sets of Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy will give away. First-come, first-served !!! See the photo of "About Us"

Life is great !!!

When you know how to take care yourself and help the aged wheelchair bound seniors to massage themselves using the hematite stones  !!!


George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation will celebrate the 70th anniversary of 228 incident and holds a large party in Taipei next year on 2/18/17 for the victims approximate 20,000 persons of 228 incident and White Terror under Kuomintang dictatorship.

Any amount of donation is appreciated. 


11/6/16   I met my friend Mrs. Cheng and Gave her the Tingsha Mantra Chimes and told she should ring the bell and no thinking at all before her sleeping, since she has sleeping problem. 

     Chapter 22 of "Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy" also mentioned about how to sleep well !!!



Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right eBook

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Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right

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Life is Impermanent  Let True Nature Take its Course eBook

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Life is Impermanent


Two Hematite Stones in a green Velvet bag, you only pay for freight $3.00, if your income is less than $20,000.00 per year, we will pay for the freight. Write your information in Contact US.

 Enjoy massging yourself  with those hematite stones.