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Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy

Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right (Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy)Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right (Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy) 

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If you are single and try to find your Mr. Right.

Things to look for in your Mr. Right.

There is always a Way 

     Do you feel lonesome, anger, fear and pain? Sometimes our emotions are out of control, but there is always a way, we have to try, we can not expect to get rid of the problems merely sit in the dark room.

     By going right to the source of the problem and helping to heal it, you will feel happier in body, mind and sprit.

     If you recently broke up with your boyfriend, do not cry over spilled milk. You need to feed yourself the positive energy and release your emotional frustration in ways that would not hurt you or others. Picture your ex-boyfriend face on a cushion and yell at or hit it. If you recently have a boyfriend, try to go out with him and enjoy nature by going to park at night, you can hang some pink beads or ornament to improve the relationship of love. Wear the perfume of rose scent to attract him and play or sing the song Blue Hawaii  by Elvis Presley: “Night and you and Blue Hawaii,

The night is heavenly and you are heaven to me. Lovely you and Blue Hawaii, with all this loveliness, there should be love.

Come with me, while the moon in on the sea. The night is young and so are we, so are we. Dreams come true in Blue Hawaii. And mine could all come true. This magic night of the nights with you.”

From Feng Shui points of view: Dress in pink and wear the pink crystal necklace or pearl to the length of the chest will strength your love relationship.

    According to Feng Shui, your make up can improve your relationship with your boyfriend. Even you are a beauty by nature, makeup makes you more attractive and your boyfriend will pay more attention to you.

(1)         Apply pink or purple series of eye shadows to upper eyelids and blush cheeks with pink or purple series, such as bright pink, candy pink and orchid pink all the time to keep up good love relationship and friendship.

On temples (the palace of husband and wife) apply some Dior pearl shine eyes shadow also. Avoid to apply any coffee or black colors on those three areas.

Those two colors will strengthen the love relationship, friendship and working relationship also.


(2)         Mouth: Apply pink or red lipstick and make your upper lip  

fuller than your lower lip and contour it full to tend to arouse sexual desire and excitement. Avoid to apply the coffee color.


(3)         Draw the eyebrows longer than eyes and the end of the eyebrows should be together. There is a special name for the space between the eyebrows, called the “Yin Tang ??”,
make sure to pluck the extra hairs and keep it neat.


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  If your boyfriend loves food and you like to cook for him, invite him to your place. Make sure you have pink rose flowers in your living room and red rose flowers on your dining table. Cook him a steak dinner will be wonderful. The following is the receipt.


The beef uses in this receipt is inexpensive, not like rib eye steaks. If you can afford, rib eye steaks will be the excellent choice.


I use chuck eye steaks instead.


     2 chuck eye steaks (total approx. 1 lb)

     Coarse Ground Black Pepper

     Ground Ginger

     Ground garlic

     Ground Marjoram

     Ground Garlic Pepper

     Ground Thyme


     Olive Oil

     You can use the spices you prefer, not necessary use the above spices.


     On one side of the chuck eye steak rubs coarse ground

black pepper, ground ginger, ground marjoram, ground garlic peper and ground thyme. On the other side rubs a pinch of salt then marinate steaks with a little of olive oil for at least 30 minutes.


Preheat oven, set on broil for 10 minutes.

Trim excess fat from steaks and broil 3 to 5 minutes on one

side. Turn and continue cooking (5 to 8 minutes for medium,

12 to 15 minutes for well-done). Cut meat in thickest part to

check for your “doneness” 

Serves 2


Asparagus goes with steak quite well or mushroom also.


Asparagus 1 lb.

5 Tbs. Hellman’s mayonnaise

Salt and pepper


Chop the root part of Asparagus off.

Put in steamer and cover to cook for 7 minutes in the high heat.

Uncover the lid and cook 2 more minutes or until crisp-tender or the way you like.

salt and pepper to taste.

Put mayo in a dish for dipping in.


  Display some of Feng Shui love symbols in the house, especially your bedroom or wear one to the length of your chest.

   If possible, wear the double happiness motif necklace or carry it with you. Display it in the southwest of your bedroom to attract the precious chi in love to your house. Other symbols do work also, such as elephant (need to have trunk up), Quan Yin, Dragon and Phoenix, Peacock, Rooster of Fidelity, Loving Couple Images, Mandarin Ducks, Two Rose Quartz Pieces and Laughing Buddha.

  There is always a way, though going into relationship is tough, and only do your best is good enough and sometimes your Mr. Right just appears in front of you or may be your boyfriend will become a target for cupid’s arrow after you treat him so well.

Your Mr. Right should have:

   1. A sweet disposition

             My second daughter has a short temper she claims she inherites from her father. When she was a little girl, she witnessed her father had the anger issues, he lost his temper very easy and often. She swore she would find a husband who pertains a sweet disposition. She got what she wante. She married Ben Mezrich in 2006, Ben, a New York Times best-selling author, is a gentle, hard to get anger, alwasy happy and even tempered man. He does not speak harshly about anyone else. He always looks on the bright side and is never depressed or irritable.

   2. A sense of humor

   3. A man you love to talk to. As you get older, his conversational skills will be as important as any others. His handsomeness will be faded as he aged. 

    Keep in mind that you desire the best, you need to upgrade where you go, hang out where the wealthy do. Drink and dining at four-star steak houses to meet high-powered business rich guys.

    I am not convinced money can buy everything we want. In fact, I believe the most important thing in our life is the happiness. According to the studies, women who take a man's wealth into consideration when dating are likely to be happier down the line, especially for woman who passes 40 and still single. With your right vision, clever, charming, you will find Mr. Right from scratch.

    Do not be the second fiddle when dating. If you notice that the man you date still thinks about his ex or the woman he admired and could not get married with her. Exit as quick as possible, since no matter how hard you try to impress him, he still does not think you are the best he can get, such as lated Princess Diana.

    Send yours and his palms to for any points of view. 


Two Hematite Stones in a green Velvet bag, you only pay for freight $3.00, if your income is less than $20,000.00 per year, we will pay for the freight. Write your information in Contact US.

 Enjoy massging yourself  with those hematite stones.