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February 3, 2018  George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation held a event with New Orleans chapter of NATWA.

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Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy

Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right (Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy)Your Successful Keys for Searching Mr. Right (Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy) 

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Tingsha Cymbals Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Symbol Embossed Meditation Yoga Bell Chimes (Small, Om Mane Padme Hum(Mantra))

   This is Tingsha Mantra Chimes I use for my ebook "Life is Impermanent Let True Nature Takes its Course"

 The sounds of chimes will bring you calmness and you will go to sleep immediately. Try it, you will like it !!!

      Using the hematite stone or your hand to massage the pain spots using the clock-wise motion, but if you are too slim you need to using anti-clock motion until the pain goes away. It takes a lot of time, but it is a plus for your health. 

      The above photo shows the first step of Foot Reflexology of Self-Help Acu-Hemaite Therapy on page 88.

      Sit down comfortably in an armless chair or couch, bend your left foot with five toes pointed. There is a depression on the ball of left foot between second and third toe. It is the acupoint K1 (Yongquan or Bubbling Springs). Using the hematite stone massage the area upward to the toes for at least 50 times, for me I prefer 108 times.

      The benefits of K1: The kidneys are a storehouse of Qi, the body and all the organs need Qi to thrive, so the health and vitality of each organ depends on the energy of the kidneys. Massage this point everyday can decrease high blood pressure and much more benefits on page 53 of Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy.

For cripple person, please massaging # 15 GB34, Yanglingquan !!! You do not need to walk with walker or sit on wheel chair, just massaging yourself to health !!!

Drink Ginger Tea for managing our own health !!!

   Using fresh ginger root and slice about 1/2 inch and cut to a few thin slices. Place thses ginger slices to a cup and pour hot water into the cup. Add honey and ground cinnamon (optional). I started to drink the ginger tea with local honey and a tea spoon of gound cinnamon on 1/10/17, the next day my blood sugar level dropped from 137 to 121 and I do not sneeze too much, since local honey is good for the allergy and cinnamon is good for regulating blood glucose levels. But do not drink ginger tea after noontime due to its diuretic and purifying effets it can cause us to have to go to the bathroom during the night.

   Drink a cup of ginger tea daily in the morning time and continue to drink at least two months to reap its amazing health benefits.

(1) Relieves nauseas when taking a trip by car or seasick.

(2) Stimulates the digestive system and serves to cleanse the 

      build-up of waste and toxins in the colon, liver and other

      organs and gets rid of constipation.

(3) Helps to deal with arthritic pain and muscle pain.

(4) Relieves post nasal drip.

(5) Improves blood circulation and gets rid of coldness of 

     hands and feet.

(6) Reduces menstrual pain.

(7) Helps relieve migraines.

(8) Treats cough, cold and sore throat.

(9) Speeds up the metabolism and lose weight.

(10) Moisturises the skin and gets rid of dark spots on the 


For Pomrid Tea

Pomrid Tea

4 ounces of black tea    

4 ounces of pomegranate juice

2 teaspoons of local honey (optional)

This tea goes very good with low-fat cinnamon honey graham crackers. They're not-that-bad-for-you snack !!!

Combine 4 ounces of pomegranate juice and 4 ounces of black tea and still well.

Add 2 teaspoons of local honey to your taste for getting rid of allergy.

     I have severve arthritis, mild allergy and at the edge of diabetes.

     From my experience, this tea gets rid of the painful inflammation inside my body. Two cups daily is recommended.

    I do not drink this tea daily for the precaution of diabetes. I drink this tea when I feel inflammable, allergical and urge for this tea.

    This tea does wonder for me, but you may need to ask your medical professionals for the approval.

    If it works for you, please make a donation to:

George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation/Acu Hematite Foundation

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Even $1.00 donation is appreciated !!!


Two Hematite Stones in a green Velvet bag, you only pay for freight $3.00, if your income is less than $20,000.00 per year, we will pay for the freight. Write your information in Contact US.

 Enjoy massging yourself  with those hematite stones.